John Cena- a popular wrestler

The famous wrestler and an unknown actor John Cena came into spotlight in 2002, when he made into the World Wrestling Federation. Born in 1977, in Massachusetts, US Cena hd a passion for football, but after receiving graduation he pursued his career as a body builder. Moving through the same path, he started training for the Professional Wrestling. His hard work and federation proved out when he broke into Ultimate Pro Wrestling in 1999 where he learnt the basic instincts of wrestling, various tactics and numerous strategies. Riding upon the same experience and winning titles of wrestling during the three year at the Ultimate Pro Wrestling, he made it to the World Wrestling Federation in 2002, now known as World Wrestling Entertainment. In the major company of wrestling, he again got under the flesh of his opponents to win many matches.


It was in 2004 when he entered into one of the most famous tournaments of WWE, Royal Rumble Match where he was eliminated by Big Show that later resulted in an feud between the two, ultimately won by John Cena winning him his first ever US Championship Title. Since then he made his way through extreme hardships to prove his mettle. Throughout his WWE career, he has won 25 championships, also a 5 times United States Champion, 4 times World Tag Team Champion and Money in the Bank Match Winner in 2012. He is a 2 times Royal Rumble Winner and a 3 times Superstar of the Year Slammy Award Winner. Thus, elaborating his career as a wrestler means he has won each and every title of his time.


Apart from being a wrestler, he has done some acting work too. His first break came in 2006 in the movie The Marine performing a lead role in it. Later he starred in movie 12 Rounds, performing in other movies including Fred: The Movie Series. He is currently making in the movies Trainwreck and comedy The Nest.


The net worth of John Cena is estimated to be around $65 million. In 2013, he had a salary of @1.7 million from WWE that he later increased to $2.45 million in 2014. He has also endorsed various companies to earn an additional $5 million. Thus, with such a huge John Cena remains to be the ultimate star in the world of wrestling.