The businessman that works for environment too

Michael Otto is a businessman and is the head of largest mail order company of the world named Otto group to become one of the richestcelebrities. This is a German company and has been estimated to do a business of US $24 billion in the year 2003. This has become possible due to the significant rise in the internet sales in the recent years.

His other ventures

Michael Otto is the owner of amazing expanse of real estate property in Canada as well as the United States. He and his family also own shopping centers in Germany. They are also the owners of a part of Crate and Barrel which is a home furnishing chain and is famous for building products that are made by keeping environment in mind.

Michael Otto created his own foundation by the name of Michael Otto Foundation which has taken the responsibility of taking up the cause of environment. He is a strong supporter of progress with minimum impact on the environment and promotes everything that is in favor of the environmental causes.

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Early life of Otto

Michael Otto has obtained his degrees from the University of Hamburg as well as University of Munich. He obtained his master’s degree from the University of Munich. He has been married once and has two children from that marriage.

Otto has been active throughout his life and is still active at the age of 74. His never-say-die attitude has served him well and he has accumulated wealth that gives him the net worth of $19.3 million. He still maintains the position of the best retailer after Amazon in the world of internet helping him be in the richestcelebrities. As the internet is becoming more and more popular, his net worth is going to rise in the coming years. His story is that of success and persistent efforts to gain success with righteousness.