Small inspirations from celebrities

One often feels jealous when you look at the richest celebrities and see them enjoying their lives lavishly by just acting in a few movies or by belting out a few notes. Well, at least that’s what it looks like doesn’t it? But if you look into their lives closely, you would see people like Nicholas Cage who earned extremely well and well, threw it away extremely well too. And then there are those who prefer lively simple, frugal and keep their children grounded as well. Take for example Sarah Jessica Parker who makes it a point to keep her children simple and take their cousins hand me downs.

richest celebrities

Try not to use the plastic

There are some simple tips that we can learn from these and save our hard earned money for that day. Johnny Cash is one such guy from whom we should learn. Much like his name he prefers using only cash. It is a psychological fact that you tend to spend less if you use cash. On the other hand when you use a credit or debit card, you don’t really realize how much you are spending and most of the time, you tend to overdo it. On the other hand, there is something difficult about counting out those notes and handing it over to the other side of the counter. Keep the card only for emergencies.

Go Economic with transport

All of us dream of having the dream car and driving it to work or going shopping in it. Learn from Keanu Reeves who is still known to use the subway than drive a luxury car. If it is convenient, why not give it a try? You save on gas and well, you end up contributing to a greener world don’t you!

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